Monday, 9 November 2009

Gift Guide for a Greener Garden

If you're struggling to find the perfect present for the eco-warrior in your life, look no further! Garden Boutique has a range of eco-friendly and sustainable products designed to make greener living easier, and this gift guide will make your Christmas shopping easier too!

Recycled Clock and Thermometer
£28.95 , available in Classic and Black

This outdoor clock and thermometer are made using recycled plastic coffee cups. The innovative material has a heavy, solid feel much like slate.

Designed to be mounted on a wall, this clock and thermometer is a thoughtful and useful gift for an eco-friendly garden enthusiast.

Perfect for: somebody who spends a lot of time pottering about in the garden.

For a truly unique and imaginative gift you might want to try our Ceramic Bumble Bee Nester. The British bumble bee is in decline, but this sweet little nest will attract them to your garden and give them a dry, safe place to dwell in the winter months.

As well as being brilliant pollinators, bumble bees are a charming sight zipping around your garden in the summer months.

Perfect for: the wildlife gardener with a passion for conservation

Eco String Bag
£3.95 , 6 colours

No more plastic bags! The string shopping bag has made a massive comeback, and we've chosen these on-trend eco-friendly string bags in a range of beautiful colours. Handmade in India using 100% cotton and eco-friendly dyes, they're a durable and stylish alternative to the unsustainable plastic bag.

String bags are also perfect for storing fruit and veg, as they're strong, washable and allow the produce to breathe.

Perfect for: a stocking stuffer for a girlie gardener

Grow Your Own Chilli Plants

This Grow It kit contains everything you need to grow five varieties of chilli, including the classic Jalapeno and the mouth-burning Demon Red. An excellent addition to any kitchen garden, these chilli plants are easy to grow and care for.

The Grow Your Own Chilli kit is an unusual and creative gift. Alternatively, why not try the bonsai, rose or Christmas tree.

Perfect for: The allotment or kitchen gardener with a taste for adventure!

Paper Potter

The best-selling Paper Potter is the ingenious invention that makes old newspaper into biodegradable plant pots for seedlings and small plants.

The Paper Potter is an essential addition to the potting shed of any eco-conscious gardener, replacing the typical plastic pot. It is so popular that a new edition, designed for larger plants, is coming soon.

Perfect for: sustainable gardeners and those who like to start from seed!

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