Thursday, 5 November 2009

Gift Guide for Gentleman Gardeners

Find the perfect gift for the gardening guy in your life with this gift guide. From luxury essentials to simple stocking fillers, Garden Boutique is sure to have everything you need.


Recycled Plant Labels: ground and hanging

These plant labels are made from recycled plastic cups, with a heavy, solid feel and appearance much like slate.

Perfect for: the eco-warrior gardener!

Potting Shed Collection

The shed is no longer only a man's domain, but they still love pottering about in there. This set will give them something useful to do!

Contains everything you need to start off seedlings, including the ever-popular Paper Potter designed to make pots out of recycled newspaper.

The set is made using FSC oak and yew.

Perfect for: the eco-conscious gardener who likes to grow his own.

Cast Iron Boot Jack

Come November in the UK it's officially wellie weather. If you don't want mud trecked all over the floor, you might want to get a cast iron boot jack.

Stylish yet practical, this boot jack with integral brush allows for the quick cleaning and removal or muddy boots and shoes without all the fuss.

Perfect for: the all-weather gardener who'll happily splash about in the knee-deep mud.


Grow Your Own Carnivorous Plants

Indulge his adventurous side with this grow-your-own kit. Contains 1 packet of Pitcher Plant seeds and 1 packet of Venus Fly Trap seeds (think Audrey Two from Little Shop of Horrors) plus everything you need to successfully grow them.

These monstrous-looking plants aren't just a novelty gift though - they'll happily get rid of household flies and other unwanted insects!

Perfect for: the man who's still a boy at heart.

Matchstick Gardens


These matchstick gardens are an ideal stocking stuffer, especially for gardeners growing greens in small spaces! Foodies will love the Mixed Greens and Herbs selections, while flower fans will love a set of mixed wild flowers to sow in the spring.

Perfect for: The window box or allotment gardener.

BBQ Firesteel in Oak


No more soggy matches and weak-flamed lighters - this fire spark means you can light a fire first time, up to 12, 000 times.

It's weatherproof and foolproof - ideal for lighting BBQs, stoves and campfires.

Perfect for: the man who just has to be in charge of the BBQ.


Gentleman's Pruning Gauntlets
Available in Chocolate, Green and Black

Pruning Gauntlets are a gardening essential, and these luxury leather beauties are at the top of their field.

Handmade in a local tannery, the buttery soft suede upper and flexible, thick glove of these gauntlets ensures that you'll never suffer a blister or thorn-prick again!

Perfect for: the gentleman who likes to prune and preen his prize plants!

Luxury Topiary Shears
Available in Small and Large

A good pair of topiary sheers can make easy work of a mess of hedges and shrubs, allowing the gardener to snip away to his hearts content without discomfort.

These luxury gardening shears have leather handles and carbon steel blades that stay sharp for longer. You only need to give them a soft squeeze - your fingers will thank you!

Perfect for: the neat and tidy gardener who just can't resist trimming that hedge or tweaking that shrub!

English Wool Gentleman's Gilet

The Gilet is classic gardening attire - it keeps your body warm without having sleeves to get in the way when you're toiling in the garden.

This Gilet is handmade in a local tannery out of leather and good old English wool. A handsome and classic design, it will suit any gentleman gardener.

Perfect for: the everyday gardener. This durable gilet will withstand everyday wear and tear and look even more distinguished with age.

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