Thursday, 5 March 2009

Hanging windowboxes - adjustable hooks and window box brackets

Window box brackets back in stock. The full range of hanging window box brackets, wall brackets and adjustable window box brackets are back in stock at Garden Boutique.

Now that spring is beginning and the weather is improving, it is the perfect time to plant up your window boxes for spring. Choose from our popular aged zinc window box, stylish black terrazzo window box troughs or the classic galvanised steel window box.

We even have a limited edition range of bronze window boxes available this spring (while stocks last)

We have window box brackets to fit every window box in our range. Ring or email if you are having trouble choosing the right window box bracket for your window box.

There are two main options for hanging your window box. Choose either an adjustable window box bracket for hanging over walls, balconies or railings - or a fixed wall bracket for hanging your window box on a brick wall or fence.

Our window box brackets come in two sizes; standard (37cm long) and XL (60cm long)
If you have a long length of balcony to dress, we would recommend using the terrazzo windowbox with the XL brackets as these can be butted up close together to look like one long planter. This works because of the rectangular blocky nature of the window box.

The other styles of window box, such as the galvanised, bronze or aged zinc window box tend to best suit the standard window box bracket (37cm) due to their tapered shape.

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