Sunday, 15 February 2009

Boot Jack, bestselling cast-iron Boot Jack

Our cast-iron boot jack is always popular at this time of year. Stylish and good looking, but weighty enough to counterbalance welly removal, there will be no more struggling to get your wellies off with this substantial cast-iron boot jack.

You'll soon find your boot jack is an indispensable tool after winter walks.

Remove footwear quickly and easily with this stylish, rustic, cast-iron boot jack. It includes two stiff side brushes, enabling you to clean your muddy boots before removing them.

This boot jack will look elegant when positioned next to the back or front door, whilst doing an excellent job of keeping dirt outside the house!

As one of our customers commented after receiving his boot jack:

"first class: it makes boot removal each morning after walking the dogs so much less stressful! sufficiently heavy to be stable in normal use"

This cast-iron welly jack is ideal for removing any type of footwear with ease.It includes two stiff side brushes to enable your footwear to be cleaned down prior to taking them off.

Boot Jack £21.95 from Garden Boutique

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