Friday, 7 March 2008


Is your garden design looking a bit flat? Hassaanah Amejee suggest how to add a new dimension to your space by considering the contribution of a gorgeous hanging-basket.

Looking for a quick way to spice up your garden? Look no further as the answer to your gardening problem is hovering right above you.

Hanging baskets have been around for decades, adorning homes across the globe. The flexibility of the hanging basket has enabled it to gain popularity and it is now a common feature in many gardens. One of the main advantages of this branch of horticulture is that space is nopt an issue; whether the area you have is limited or not, your garden can have a new lease of life with this beautiful baskets.

Freestandingposts and containers brighten up your garden on ground level, but adding hanging baskets introduces a different dimension to your space. The types of baskets you use, as well as the plants you choose will add individuality to your display.

The first place to start when organising your basket is picking it; whether basic wire, plastic, or clay the aim should be to hide the basket with cascading plants. If decorative baskets seem to fit with the garden, perhaps, the types of plats you use should reflect this, enchancing rather than over powering th aesthetics of the basket.

Drainage is important with the hanging baskets, as a common problem is often water logging. Lining the basket will often relieve this problem, and will help to keep soil and plants in place. Add a few holes at the bottom if the lining to help with drainage. Moss or coconut fibre will work wonders for keeping your hanging basket in proper condition. The next, most dramatic (and exciting) part of the process is of course picking the plants.

When deciding which plants to pick, think about the general position of the basket and use the surrounding environment as a guide. For shadier, dull areas of the garden, perhaps the baskets should have dazzling, vibrant colours to add some liveliness into that particular area, or to add placidity to your garden, neutral coloured blooms can bind the area together giving it a stunning look. A summer basket can contain Fuchsias and Amethysts which would add rich colours to your space whereas the Dichondra 'Silver Falls" or Lobelia can bring a calm and conlected atmosphere to your garden. Winter baskets would work particularly well with plants such as winter pansies and different varieties of heather for an all-year-round display.

Plants can be either individual per basket, or combined together to attain a varied and edgy look. Working with the colour scheme, you are trying to achieve, mix baskets up a little, and try new variations to add a new facet to your garden.

Ensuring the baskets are watered daily is a major part of attaining beautiful baskets. Sincethey are exposed to the elements, daily care is essential for them. As part of your aftercare regime, remove depleted flowers a few times a week to encourage growth; and turn the baskets round every week so that your baskets maintain their magnificence from every angle.

Hanging baskets are a great way to liven up your garden and can look amazing wherever they are placed. Pergolas, doorways, and beams can all be enhanced with this striking and eye-catching displays. So grab those basket and get planting.

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